Ce test est normalisé pour les trois examens Cambridge:
First (FCE), Advanced (CAE) et Proficiency (CPE).
L'examen approprié dépend du nombre de points acquis.

Des outils tels que dictionnaires ou programmes correcteurs ne sont évidemment pas autorisés. Le test prend, selon le niveau de langue, environ 20 minutes.

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Part 1: Grammar
For questions 1-45 read the sentences and then choose from the list a-d the best word or phrase to fill the blank.
1. The lift is out of _____________ so we'll have to walk.
a) function b) order
c) running d) work
2. What do you _____________ to do about the problem now that the solution has failed?
a) attempt b) think
c) intend d) pretend
3. We have _____________ for a new secretary but we haven't had any replies yet.
a) advised b) advertised
c) announced d) noticed
4. I've _____________ for the job; I hope I get it.
a) appointed b) presented
c) applied d) succeeded
5. He's so mean he wouldn't give a beggar a _____________ of bread.
a) skin b) peel
c) shell d) crust
6. I never expected you to turn _____________ at the meeting, I thought you were in France.
a) around b) on
c) up d) in
7. He _____________ me by two games to one.
a) won b) beat
c) gained d) conquered
8. His office is on the third _____________ of the building.
a) ground b) floor
c) level d) flat
9. I'm _____________ I didn't pass the exam but I'll do better next time.
a) deceived b) despaired
c) disappointed d) disillusioned
10. The lecture was so _____________ that everyone fell asleep.
a) bored b) boring
c) tired d) tiring
11. When she _____________ she wants to be a doctor.
a) ages b) grows
c) increases d) grows up
12. I'll call _____________ you at 8.30 and drive you to work.
a) in b) for
c) at d) up
13. Would you _____________ holding this box for me while I open the door?
a) object b) matter
c) like d) mind
14. He has some very _____________ habits. He always has a bath with his clothes on.
a) foreign b) strange
c) rare d) uneven
15. If you don't know a word look it _____________ in a dictionary.
a) up b) out
c) after d) for
16. I've bought some lovely _____________ to make myself a new dress.
a) stuff b) tissue
c) material d) costume
17. The meeting _____________ at midnight and we all went home.
a) stopped up b) broke up
c) stopped off d) broke through
18. She's staying in the youth _____________ in Bridge Street.
a) lodge b) house
c) home d) hostel
19. He _____________ the letter carefully before putting it in the envelope.
a) folded b) bent
c) curved d) turned
20. I _____________ to inform you that there's nothing more we can do.
a) resent b) respect
c) regret d) reassure
21. We're having our house _____________. The decorators are coming next week.
a) made over b) done in
c) done up d) done away with
22. I'll put the tulips in this _____________ They'll look pretty there.
a) mug b) vase
c) crystal d) bucket
23. Did you _____________ the exam last year?
a) take place in b) go in for
c) form part of d) enter into
24. He _____________ his head, wondering if he would ever solve the problem.
a) scraped b) screwed
c) wounded d) scratched
25. I couldn't _____________ the meeting as I was too busy.
a) attend b) assist
c) attempt d) present
26. The 2nd World War _____________ in 1939.
a) broke up b) broke off
c) broke out d) broke open
27. The bank is offering a _____________ to anyone with information about the robbery.
a) reward b) premium
c) prize d) present
28. I enjoyed the cake very much. Could you give me the _____________?
a) prescription b) recipe
c) receipt d) menu
29. She's very pretty but those kind of looks don't really _____________ to me.
a) call b) attract
c) fancy d) appeal
30. He lost his _____________ and hit me.
a) mood b) sense
c) temper d) manners
31. I fell in love with him at first _____________.
a) look b) scene
c) view d) sight
32. One of the water _____________ has burst - there's water all over the kitchen.
a) pipes b) tubes
c) straws d) channels
33. He's a nice dog. He won't do you any _____________.
a) harm b) hurt
c) ill d) bite
34. There could have been a war over it but in the end reason _____________.
a) counted b) survived
c) prevailed d) induced
35. The factory has increased its _____________ by 10% this year.
a) product b) output
c) make up d) exposure
36. We finally _____________ an agreement after much hard negotiation.
a) drove b) arrived
c) did d) reached
37. I _____________ on seeing the manager. The service in this hotel is appalling.
a) persist b) insist
c) assist d) incest
38. The door _____________ when it opens. Can you put some oil on the hinges?
a) creaks b) cracks
c) rustles d) rumbles
39. She's the most _____________ secretary I've ever had.
a) working b) practised
c) industrial d) efficient
40. I'm sorry to _____________ you while you're working, but I do need to ask a question.
a) molest b) bother
c) interfere d) intrude
41. They're building a tower block on that piece of _____________ land.
a) vacant b) void
c) hollow d) blank
42. The prince _____________ power on the death of his father.
a) presumed b) resumed
c) consumed d) assumed
43. He's _____________ drink and can't work any more.
a) taken up b) gone to
c) taken to d) gone for
44. There has been a serious _____________ of the disease in the North West.
a) outcome b) outrage
c) outbreak d) output
45. We're flying to Paris _____________ tomorrow.
a) over b) the day over
c) the day after d) after
Part 2: Sounds
In questions 46-50 three words have the same sound but one does not. Choose the one that does not.
a) go b) so
c) show d) do
46. a) spear b) wear
c) dare d) prayer
47. a) crime b) climb
c) limb d) rhyme
48. a) freeze b) ease
c) seize d) lease
49. a) stuff b) cough
c) rough d) enough
50. a) palm b) calm
c) warm d) harm
Part 3: Vocabulary
Questions 51-55: for each of the following phrases, four suggested explanations of the meaning are given; only one of which is correct. Choose the correct one.
51. We have something in common.
a) We're partners b) We're both ordinary.
c) We like each other. d) In one way, we're similar.
52. I'm fed up with it.
a) I've eaten enough. b) I'm getting too fat.
c) I'm tired of it. d) I'm worn out.
53. I'll let you off.
a) I'll help you to escape. b) I won't punish you.
c) I'll take you off the field. d) I'll leave you outside.
54. He's out for a profit.
a) He's interested in getting money. b) He's not going to make any money.
c) He's abroad on business. d) He's doing it for nothing.
55. He asked me out.
a) He wanted me to go outside. b) He told me to meet him outside.
c) He had some questions for me when I got outside. d) He's invited me to go on a date with him.
Part 4: Expressions
For questions 56-60, choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.
56. Don't _____________ because you're losing the argument.
a) change the subject b) pull the wool
c) alter the theme d) vary the time
57. The children are all well except for Jack. He's been a bit _____________ these last few days.
a) out of condition b) off colour
c) out of the weather d) off health
58. He didn't mean it seriously; he must have been _____________.
a) twisting your arm b) pulling your leg
c) taking the sense d) tapping your elbow
59. What a strange creature, it looks like a _____________ a moose and a deer.
a) mix of b) mix between
c) cross between d) half of
60. Children are likely to get _____________ if no one cares about their upbringing.
a) out of hand b) away from the hand
c) out of the hand d) away from hand
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